View the Buress/Ballweg Debate Held at Ripon College on Sept. 18

Voters in the 41st assembly district had an opportunity to see and hear Frank Buress and Joan Ballweg on Tuesday, Sept. 18, in a candidate forum/debate at Ripon College. Questions for the candidates came from Tim Lyte, publisher of the Ripon Commonwealth Press, and from the audience. The well-attended event was hosted by the Center for Politics and the People. The debate/forum was recorded and you can view it here.

Buress for Assembly Yard Signs Available for Pickup

Don’t wait. These will go fast. There are a limited number of Buress for Assembly yard signs available for pickup, There is no charge for the 22 inch by 28 inch blue and white signs, with wire frames. You can obtain the signs by using the Contact form on this website. Some signs are also available through your county Democratic Party organization. Please place the signs on your own property and not on public land or on a public right-of-way.

A Plan for Rural Wisconsin

Frank Buress understands that the Republican party has forgotten rural Wisconsin because he lives in rural Wisconsin. As such, he is confronted daily with the issues that face the state’s smaller communities. Here is Frank’s Plan for Rural Wisconsin:

IMPOSE TERM LIMITS — No need for professional politicians.

RESTORE HOME RULE — Give power back to local communities; don’t allow out-of-state interests with money to dictate to us.

BROADBAND EXPANSION — Mandate rural priorities. Give us the same technologies available in Madison and Milwaukee.

RESTORE PUBLIC EDUCATION FUNDING — No need for local referenda. Stop draining off funds for private education.

LEGALIZE MEDICAL CANNABIS — End the pain and suffering; join 30 other states that have done this.

EXPAND HEALTH CARE COVERAGE — Accept federal funds to expand Medicare in Wisconsin.

OVERTURN CITIZENS UNITED — End unlimited secret money in politics.


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Questions You May Want to Ask Joan Ballweg

Being an informed voter is critically important. Here are a series of questions on key issues that you may want to ask Joan Ballweg, who represents us in the state assembly. We’re also providing her contact information. Plus, you should have a chance to ask one of these questions if you attend the LWV candidate forum Sept. 13 at the Town of Brooklyn building on County A, or at the Ripon College Center for Politics debate on Sept. 18 at Ripon College.  View the questions.

Buress for Assembly Rack Cards Available

Let us know how many of the rack/leave behind cards you need. These are perfect for sharing with family members, friends, associates, and anyone interested in learning more about his candidacy and platform. The full-color card, which measures 3.5 inches by 8.5 inches, is printed on both sides, easily fits in rack card holders, shirt pockets, and on community bulletin boards. Use the contact form to order your cards.